Cool Hot Rods

cool hot rods

Welcome to my website about Hot Rods, Rat Rods, Street Rods, and other cool cars.

Hot rods are something you either love or hate. Some people think they are a wonderful way to make a new cool car out of something old and dilapidated. Others feel that you destroy the original car when you make a hot rod. An original car that should have been preserved and restored. Both opinions have their merits. It does feel irresponsible to make a rod out of a rare car. If you have a rare car then the responsible thing to do is to restore it to its original glory. If you, on the other hand, start out with a very common car like a Model A or a Volkswagen Beetle then you give the car a second life it would otherwise never have.

Below are some websites I recommend if you are looking to build or buy your dream hot rod. They can provide inspiration or do the build for you.

For pure car lovers

All hot rod builders are car lovers at heart. It is very important that we try to create better and better builds to forward the hot rod culture but that we also take responsibility towards the larger automotive history. Let us try to keep all cars of historical value as original as possible. I know that this is an opinion that the majority of all you builders out there share with me.

The goal with this website is to help inspire new innovative builds. To do this we will feature information that will help beginners towards their first successful build. With this in mind, I plan to publish a detailed journal of my next build scheduled to start in a couple of months.

I will also share with you what I consider to be excellent inspiring builds. Builds that are different from most other builds and therefore push the hobby forward. I especially hope to share videos that show that you can create fantastic builds by thinking outside the box and start a build with something different from what most other builds use. There is nothing to prevent an old pickup, delivery van or truck to become a rad rod if you just have the vision to create something new and awesome.

How to afford a cool hot rod

Buying a cool hot rod can be very expensive. A nice hot rod can set you back 100 000 or more.  There are cheaper hot rods out there but the best cars fetch high prices.   Below, we are going to look at a few ways you can afford a top of the line hot rod.

  1. Win the lottery.   Not an easy thing to do but we list it here since many enthusiast say that they will buy a hot rod when they win the lottery.
  2. Flip your way to the top.  Buy underpriced cars, perform any repair that will increase the price and sell them.  You can make a lot of money this way.
  3. Build it yourself.  It is possible to build a top of the line hot rod yourself.  It will take a long time, especially if you have to learn how, but it is possible.  You will never love any car as much as you love the one you built yourself.
  4. Trade binary options. Binary options is a financial instruments that allow you to earn a lot of money very quickly.  You can double your money in less than one minute.  The risk is very high risk.  You can lose your entire investment every time you buy a binary option.  A skilled and disciplined trader can learn a lot of money. Learn how to become a skilled trade by clicking here.
  5. Get a second job.  Getting a second job allows you to save a lot of money every month.  You will earn more and have less free time to spend it on luxuries such as alcohol and restaurants.