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cool hot rods

Welcome to my website about Hot Rods, Rat Rods, Street Rods and other cool cars.

Hot rods are something you either love or hate. Some people think they are a wonderful way to make a new cool car out of something old and dilapidated. Others feel that you destroy the original car when you make a hot rod. An original car that should have been preserved and restored. Both opinions have their merits. It does feel irresponsible to make a rod out of a rare car. If you have a rare car then the responsible thing to do is to restore it to its original glory. If you on the other hand start out with a very common car like a Model A or a Volkswagen Beetle then you give the car a second life it would otherwise never have.

Hot rods are basically old, customized cars and the one thing that really defines a hot rod are the wheels. A pure hot rod needs wide tires and nice rims, which is the first step you need to take with your build. Here are some websites i recommend if you are looking for good tires and rims for a hot rod.

For pure car lovers

All hot rod builders are car lovers at hearth. It is very important that we try to create better and better builds to forward the hot rod culture but that we also take responsibility towards the larger automotive history. Lets try to keep all cars of historical value as original as possible. I know that this is an opinion that the majority of all you builders out there share with me.

The goal with this website is to help inspire new innovative builds. To do this we will feature information that will help beginners towards their first successful build. With this in mind I plan to publish a detailed journal of my next build scheduled to start in a couple of months.

I will also share with you what I consider to be excellent inspiring builds. Builds that are different from most other builds and therefore push the hobby forward. I especially hope to share videos that show that you can create fantastic builds by thinking outside the box and start a build with something different from what most other builds use. There is nothing to prevent an old pickup, delivery van or truck to become a rad rod if you just have the vision to create something new and awesome.