Mort's Shorts



Now, coupla days ago, responding to an invite, we fired Jive Five and made a pass over to Fabian Valdez’ ‘Pre-Bonneville Bean Bandit BBQ’ and Music Throw-Down. There we previewed some of the music that will play at the 100 MPH gig (Dianna Branch/Chichi Evonne selections will be featured), made cool with a crowd that also included Lucky Burton, Bobby Green, Axle, John Fulton and like that…and savored even more of the quiet, knowing anticipation that is the two weeks before we leave.

The old BB liner will run the blown A flathead banger again; it was auspiciously positioned for the proper thrashing of tools and passion planned for the next day.

After appropriate libation, food, an impromptu jam session (Raymond ax, Fabian harp) , and quite a Quality time we lit the coupe and…..the cool Summer evening ride outa there back home (about 70 miles) was one of the best rides in our recollection; reflecting on the swell time we just done had (thanks Fabian, Tom) and that Fiver running so good (thanks Dennis) riding and handling so exceptional (thanks Jake) and looking so good (thanks Kennedy’s)...I guess it’s not immodest to say our car is all of the above…if it’s true it ain’t braggin’, is it…..scanning the pavement over that louvered hood, cowl vent open just enough that all it lets in is the hot air from the engine (haha!), headlight pattern fanned out reasonably….you’re holdin’ on to it all with that old Bell wheel…..straight, true and smoothe..not one lick o’ vibration…..hearing a 3000 RPM pitch of a cool-runnin’ 327….envisioning the buggy springs and tube shocks doing their job when you hit expansion joints in the freeway…pensive about the ‘39 box and much they like the kind of duty we give ‘em ....OK, we know, sure, fine, no prob as usual..but we always wonder…an’ then talkin’ to your gal about the great conversations you each just had… back off a bit and the exhaust makes that familiar gurgle, an’ that little harmonic shudder that feels/sounds so good you make it happen again….then once more…and speed back up…’s a plan all comin’ together, Bro’’ you finally pull in the driveway, the garage door opens and..even tho’ you’re pretty tired…you just hate to shut ‘er down. There’s a finality when you push in the light switch, shut the power off and it falls silent…and you know it was so what we do you will re-live it in the morning; maybe even tell somebody about it. Yeah. We did, all right: that somebody is you guys. We figure the 19 of you know just what we mean?

See ya at the Rattle Can swindle.

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